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There are so many ways that you can support the podcast. 

  1. The first and most important one is to subscribe and listen.
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  3. If you have friends who think might benefit from the podcast and enjoy it, send them a link to the website or to a particular episode.
  4. You can also buy me a cup of "ko-fi." 

I'm able to continue running The Neutral Ground Podcast because of the kindness of my patrons. 

For $1 a month, you will receive a thank you from me and the knowledge that you are helping to keep the lights on for this project. 

You can also just buy me a "cup of coffee," as they say, with a one-time gift.  

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I know that you don't have to do any of this, which is why I can honestly say, thank you, for taking the time to do any one of these items above.